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AM Scanner Traffic -- 4.9.15

April 10, 2015 - 11:31am
  • 11:49 a.m. 68YO female diabetic suffered cut foot in fall @ 1200 block of 3rd Ave/Post Falls.
  • 11:37 a.m. Can of red paint has spilled in intersections of H95/Appleway & drivers are driving over it.
  • 11:36 a.m. Officer told that house fire @ McGuire Road/Fisher Ave, Post Falls, is a controlled burn.
  • 11:26 a.m. Noninjury crash b/n Dodge & Toyota pickups reported in front of CJ's Bar, 14853 H53/Rathdrum.
  • 11:11 a.m. Wanted male may be at layaway counter at Cabela's/State Line, officer asked to make arrest outside building
  • 10:52 a.m. Driver of silver SUV taking photos, may have taken something from Orchard Avenue/Hayden mailbox.
  • 10:29 a.m. Officer en route to investigate possible found drugs at a Coeur d'Alene school.
  • 10:14 a.m. Older male driver w/flashers on vehicle weaving on I-90 before taking Pleasant View/Post Falls exit.
  • 9:51 a.m. Coeur d'Alene female goes to neighbor after female roommate locked her out of home.
  • 9:46 a.m. CASA worker requests officer backup re: unknown problem @ 11100 block of Govt Way/CdA.
  • 9:37 a.m. CPD is looking for suicidal female in blue 2007 Toyota Camri who has missed work for a week.
  • 9:14 a.m. Caller reports female driver of Toyota 4Runner cut her off & then pulled gun on her @ Ramsey Road/Appleway.
  • 8:55 a.m. Drivers of Honda Camri & camo Dodge pickup arguing after minor crash @ H95/Honeysuckle Ave, Hayden.
  • 8:30 a.m. ITD en route to pick up dead deer hit by vehicle @ e/b I-90/MP 21 (Blue Creek bridge).
  • 8:11 a.m. Gravel spilling @ n/b H41/MP 18 (H54, near Spirit Lake) from open belly dump of red semi.

Pickford Won't Attend Partisan Forum

April 10, 2015 - 11:04am

Tambra Pickford, who is challenging incumbent Terri Seymour for the Coeur d'Alene School Board Trustee Zone 3 seat in May, told Huckleberries that she won't attend the luncheon forum for the election sponsored by the Kootenai County Reagan Republicans in the coming weeks. "I didn't throw my hat in the ring to get into political debates with people," she said. Pickford said she was contacted once by a Reagan Republican representative. But she didn't commit to the partisan debate. She said, however, that she plans to attend a debate sponsored by the Coeur d'Alene Education Partnership in May. The Reagan Republicans are hosting a series of luncheon forums for nonpartisan races that also include those for various highway districts.

Today Is National Siblings Day

April 10, 2015 - 11:00am

From Wikipedia: Siblings Day (sometimes called National Siblings Day) is a holiday recognized annually in some parts of the United States on April 10th. [1] honoring the relationships of siblings. Unlike Mother's Day and Father's Day, it is not federally recognized, though the Siblings Day Foundation is working to change this.[2] Since 1998, the governors of 39 states have officially issued proclamations to recognize Siblings Day in their state.[3] More here.

Question: Do you get along with your siblings?

DUI Driver: CdA Cop Is Superhero

April 10, 2015 - 10:17am

Arrested for DUI, a Coeur d'Alene man spent four months in jail and now says it's the best thing that could have happened to him. By his own account Jeff Eastwood hasn't been all that he could be. “I've had my fair share with the law and I've been roughed up before and I should have been roughed up this time but the guy was patient," said Eastwood. But sometimes a second chance, a real second chance, comes when you least expect it. Eastwood started smoking spice one day. The only way he knows what happened next is because it was recorded on Coeur d'Alene police body cam video. "I started crying believe it or not. I was embarrassed of my own self," said Eastwood. When Couer d'Alene police officer Jacob Pleger found Eastwood he was stopped in the middle of the street and was out of his mind/Aaron Luna, KXLY. More here.


AM Headlines -- 4.10.15

April 10, 2015 - 10:03am

Rep. Linden Bateman, R-Idaho Falls, poses with his artwork entitled, “The Salamander Kid,” picturing his rendition of Rep. Tom Loertscher, R-Iona, who can be seen at right. Loertscher, of course, chairs the House State Affairs Committee, which first killed, then passed legislation to make the Idaho giant salamander the state’s official amphibian; that bill, HB 1, is now law. More here. (Eye on Boise photo: Betsy Russell)

Sharia Law On Their Minds

April 10, 2015 - 9:56am

Sharia law is on the mind of House members lately, and it’s showing in their questions concerning a child support collection compliance proposal. If Senate Bill 1067 doesn’t pass, the state will lose more than $16 million in federal funds for its child support collection program. Millions more in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families funds is also at stake. Sharia law concerns may derail the bill in the House. (Read our coverage here.) This isn’t the first time talk of Sharia law has happened this session. A number of House Judiciary and Rules Committee members attended a March lunch discussion called “The True Face of Islam in Idaho.” Jud and Rules members who were present include Rep. Shannon McMillan, R-Silverton, Rep. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard, Rep. Kathleen Sims, R-Coeur d’Alene, Rep. Ron Nate, R-Rexburg, and Rep. Don Cheatham, R-Post Falls/Melissa Davlin, Idaho Reports. More here.

Question: Can you think of a parallel universe situation in which Sharia law would be enacted in Idaho?

Road Ragers Infect Ramsey Road

April 10, 2015 - 9:20am

Walking partner Greg Lee just arrived at work w/a Road Rage story he witnessed along Ramsey Road moments ago. Seems a woman in a gray Toyota Sequoia was weaving along Ramsey Road, adjacent to the ballfields, while she talked on her cell phone. Complicating matters, one of the s/b lanes was blocked by utility work. Sequoia Lady almost hit Greg and then she almost hit three other vehicles while she was yakking away. She and her near-misses stopped at the light @ Ramsey Road/Golf Course Road (Kroc Center/Winco). At that point, a beefy passenger two cars behind her exited his vehicle, stomped up to the Sequoia, and pounded on the windshield, pointing at the woman's cellphone. She reacted by trying to take a photo of Road Rager. Nothing happened further. But a few minutes later, at the intersection of Ramsey Road and Appleway, a female driver cut off another female motorist. When the second driver speeded up to catch her, the first woman pulled a gun on her. All this, and it's not even 9:30 a.m. Be careful out there.

Walmart Increases Starting Wage

April 10, 2015 - 8:54am

Walmart is upping the ante on its starting wages. The retail giant, as of Saturday, raised the starting wage to $9 an hour for all of its Idaho employees, the company announced in a press release. Most of Walmart's entry-level employees at the two Post Falls locations and one in Hayden previously started at $8.40 an hour. The company also announced that by February 2016 all of its current associates, which are entry-level positions, will earn at least $10 per hour. Idaho's minimum wage is the same as the federal minimum, $7.25 per hour. Walmart's wage increase in Idaho comes closer to leveling the playing field to positions in Washington, where the minimum wage is $9.47/Brian Walker, Coeur d'Alene. More here.

Question: Any of you Walmart haters impressed?

Sharia Law Worries Snag Bill

April 10, 2015 - 8:43am

A House committee is holding up a bill to bring Idaho’s child support enforcement plan into compliance with federal law – potentially losing the state tens of millions of dollars, forcing the layoff of more than 100 state employees and cancelling contracts across the state – because of some members’ concerns about possibly subjecting the state to Sharia or foreign laws, reports Melissa Davlin of Idaho Public TV’s “Idaho Reports.” Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll, R-Cottonwood, (pictured) who earlier voted for SB 1067 when it unanimously passed the Senate, told the House Judiciary & Rules Committee that she now objects to putting Idaho into compliance with the 2007  Hague Convention on International Recovery of Child Support and Family Maintenance, as required by federal law; it’s designed to get uniform child support enforcement across the nation and in other countries, allowing governments to collect child support from parents regardless of where they live/Betsy Russell, Eye on Boise. More here.

Question: Are. You. Kidding. Me?

Trib: Otter Is Incompetent

April 10, 2015 - 8:33am

In his weekly Cheers & Jeers column, Opinion Editor Marty Trillhaase of the Lewiston Tribune gives Jeers ... to Gov. C.L. (Butch) Otter:

Nothing is more vital to a governor's prestige - as the head of a separate branch of government - than his power to veto legislation. Only with his constitutional authority to proclaim "I forbid" does the governor stand alone, forcing the Legislature to accede to his demands or override him with a two-thirds vote. Yet here was Otter carelessly mishandling the process. Otter was at odds with the Legislature's decision to eliminate instant racing machines -- in other words, slots -- at race tracks in Post Falls, Garden City outside Boise and Idaho Falls. But the measure had cleared each chamber by more than a two-thirds majority. Any governor in that situation would drag things out and line up just enough support to sustain his veto. Otter lent that impression when he announced he would take the full five days the constitution allowed him to make his decision. The deadline fell at 4:54 p.m. Saturday. Full comment and column here.

Question: Trillhaase concludes that a three-term governor like Otter has no excuse for his mishandling of the "instant racing" repeal legislation and declares Otter "incompetent." Agree/disagree?

Raul: GOP Needs Clear Vision

April 10, 2015 - 8:23am

Congressman Raul Labrador listens to a question from a constituent during his townhall meeting at North Idaho College Thursday night. (Photo: Duane Rasmussen)

Congressman Raul Labrador said the Republican Party doesn't have a clear vision, and that is why it appears fractured to most. Labrador met with almost 70 constituents at North Idaho College Thursday for a town hall meeting to discuss federal issues. Many of the topics are the same topics Congress has been debating for several years, but now with the GOP in control of both houses of Congress, some wanted to know why things aren't getting done. Just a few minutes into the event, one audience member stood to voice his concern with what he sees as a result of Republican infighting. He said while the Republicans are fractured, the Democrats keep voting as a block and it still appears to be deadlocking the political system/Jeff Selle, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

Question: If you were to ask Congressman Labrador a question at a townhall meeting, what would it be?

Group Tackles NI Child Hunger

April 10, 2015 - 8:16am

More than half the students in Bonner County schools qualify for free or reduced-price meals during the school week. But what do those children eat on weekends? And do they eat enough? A new nonprofit aims to tackle child hunger in Sandpoint and surrounding communities by putting more money into weekend food bags sent home with kids from low-income families. An estimated 2,000 hungry kids in the county could be getting more to eat, organizers say. “We want to focus on getting food directly to the children – food that is nutritious, that doesn’t require preparation, that if the parents are not at home, the kid can open and have something to eat on their own,” said Dennis Pence, who co-founded the former Coldwater Creek Inc. in Sandpoint and now is putting his efforts into Food for Our Children/Scott Maben, SR. More here.

Question: Are you aware of how much poverty is around us, here in North Idaho?

Edit: Tuition Hikes Need To Stop

April 10, 2015 - 8:08am

The Editorial Board of the Idaho Statesman opines today:

It is not hard to find Idaho college students so saddled with expenses they can barely make ends meet to get through their next semester. Once they get the diploma, many graduates face sobering prospects for jobs in their fields while taking on student loan payments that rival a home mortgage. We know these young adults and you know them — some of us even parent them. Because one of the contributing factors to debt has been increases in tuition rates, we were happy to hear the Idaho State Board of Education had sent a message to Idaho’s public colleges: This needs to slow down. It is about time. More here.

Question: Is your child(ren) -- or you -- saddled by debt from college loans?

Read more here:

The Nature Of Evil

April 10, 2015 - 8:01am

Michael Costello/Investor's Business Daily

Wild Card/Thursday -- 4.9.15

April 9, 2015 - 5:03pm

Huckleberry and I are on our own this week as Mrs. O is visiting relatives in Portland. I took Huckleberry to puppy day care Wednesday -- and she'd played herself out by the time I returned to get her. Once back home, she plopped on the living room floor and didn't move for about a half hour. Then, she wanted to eat and plop on the floor some more. I've often wondered about that expression: I'm working hard as a dog. I don't know of too many dogs that work hard. Huckleberry certainly doesn't (although we do walk her regularly). Here's your Thursday Wild Card ...

Parting Shot -- 4.9.15

April 9, 2015 - 5:00pm

On his Facebook wall, SR photog Colin Mulvany posts: "Now that college basketball season is done, I can restart my "One for me" project where I shoot an unrelated photo while at a photo assignment for the newspaper. Today I was assigned to photograph a traffic triangle slated for rehab. Standing in the triangle looking for a visual composition, I spotted these pigeons just as a airplane cruised past. They took flight and it made a nice snap."

Hillary To Announce Sunday

April 9, 2015 - 4:49pm

Hillary Clinton will end years of speculation about her political ambitions and formally announce she is running for president as early as this weekend, people familiar with the matter said Thursday. In recent months, Mrs. Clinton has been quietly assembling a campaign staff. Her team recently signed a lease for office space in Brooklyn that is expected to be her campaign headquarters. Although her candidacy has seemed a sure thing, Mrs. Clinton, 67 years old, has long said that she hadn’t completely made up her mind about running. Any doubts now seem to have evaporated/Wall Street Journal. More here.

Question: Is it time for a female president?

Zone 3 Trustee: Pickford Announces Candidacy

April 9, 2015 - 4:34pm

Tambra Pickford, who is challenging incumbent Terri Seymour for the Coeur d'Alene School Board Zone 3 trustee position, issued a news release this afternoon about her candidacy:

“I’m all in and ready to be more involved serving, being a voice for the people as well as helping children and educators in our community,” Pickford said.  In addition, Pickford said she’s open to listening, taking on leadership roles, studying issues and policy, problem solving and collaborating with others.  “I am a team player willing to work in an effective and efficient way to benefit the students.” Pickford is a graduate from Fresno State University, has experience working with ESL (English as a Second Language) learners and at–risk high school students.  She is an active mom engaged and devoted to her daughters’ learning and extra-curricular activities.  They attend Zone 3 schools, Skyway Elementary and Lake City High School.  Pickford also volunteers at Bryan Elementary. Tambra and her high-school sweetheart, Kevin, have been married seventeen years and are the parents of three daughters.  She adds, “My family and I have been lucky enough to call Coeur d’ Alene home.  It would be an honor to serve our local community in the role of Zone 3, School Board Trustee.”

Question: What advice would you give challenger Pickford in her race against incumbent Terri Seymour?

Gunnerson Hurdles Toward Records

April 9, 2015 - 4:32pm

Coeur d'Alene High School hurdler Kaitlyn Gunnerson last year's state champ last talked about the 100 and 300 hurdles during practice on Tuesday. She has a scholarship from BYU. (SR photo: Kathy Plonka)

Kaitlyn Gunnerson is running for times this spring. The Coeur d’Alene senior naturally wants to defend her state championship in the 100-meter hurdles and capture a title in the 300 that she narrowly missed in a photo finish that required officials to spend 10 minutes deciding a winner. The more she lowers her personal bests, the more scholarship money she earns from Brigham Young University, where she plans to attend. Gunnerson is teeming with motivation. Within her reach are school and state records. “I really want to test my limits,” Gunnerson said. She’s off to a start that would rival the former Coeur d’Alene hurdler she’s chasing, Morgan Struble/Greg Lee, SR. More here.

Question: Were you a track athlete in high school or college? Which event?

PM Scanner Traffic -- 4.9.15

April 9, 2015 - 4:29pm
  • 5:04 p.m. Someone complaining of stomach pain @ North Star Assisted Living, 2340 Seltice Way/CdA.
  • 4:57 p.m. Female driver in car w/Washington plates texting, fixing hair, swerving @ I-90/H41, Post Falls.
  • 4:31 p.m. Hitchhiker reports college kids in newer silver Dodge Durango may have taken his wallet w/credit cards before dropping him off at 20th Street/Sherman Ave, CdA.
  • 4:27 p.m. Driver complains of whiplash after crash b/n Camaro & Mercedes @ Beck Road/Seltice Way, Post Falls.
  • 4:17 p.m. 2 suspicious males in U-Haul going over fence to get items from house @ 8th Ave/Vermont St, Spirit Lake.
  • 4:10 p.m. Driver of tan pickup @ s/b H95/Hayden Ave, Hayden, possibly DUI.
  • 4:03 p.m. Ambulance needed to transport someone from KMC to Hospice House, Hayden.
  • 3:11 p.m. Someone may have suffered a stroke @ 900 block of Dempsey Drive/Hayden.
  • 2:44 a.m. Someone may have suffered a stroke @ 200 block of Indiana Ave/CdA.
  • 2:35 a.m. Someone injured in a fall @ 1200 block of Fairmont Loop/CdA.
  • 2:02 p.m. Someone is choking in 800 block of Montana Ave/CdA.
  • 2:01 p.m. Someone is having trouble breathing @ 3400 block of N4th St/CdA.
  • 1:45 p.m. Possibly disturbed male w/stuffed toys tried to enter Lakes Middle School on 15th St/CdA but couldn't.
  • 1:44 p.m. Caller reports to KCSOffice that "Yield" sign has been knocked down, unknown location.
  • 1:43 p.m. Roberts has questions for KCSOffice re: Marine Patrol.
  • 1:13 p.m. Shirtless male wearing sweat pants walking along e/b I-90/H95 & tossed something over fence near KMC.
  • AM Scanner Traffic