Canfield Mountain Trails

East Coeur d'Alene
Size: 24 acres

Canfield Mountain is a Natural Open Space with a hiking & mountain biking trail system. The trail is rated for intermediate difficulty with a some advanced areas. The hiking trail system is 1.5 miles total. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the main part of Canfield facing the city. Other areas of the mountain have some motorized vehicle trails which are accessible from Suttlers Way.

Park Map: 

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Periodically the U.S. Forest Service performs controlled burns on Canfield as part of a fuel reduction effort. Such burns have occurred in 2004 and 2007. "Every acre burned now is reducing the risk later for the community," said Sarah Jerome, a fuels planner with the Forest Service about the 2007 burn. Canfield serves as the back yard for many homes in the neighborhoods closest to it, so these "eco burns" are an important part of the public safety process as well as protecting the forest and providing fire fighting crews with practice.

See a video of the 2007 burn.